Inspirational Quotes for Students

Inspirational quotes can spur you to try hard, offer a little motivation when you feel discouraged or serve as a source of amusement. 

Although, there are many places from which to draw inspiration, such as famous people quotes or world leader quotes, coming up with a few quotes that speak directly to you and your life can have a bigger impact and keep you going when times are tough.

Quotes to Inspire You

You can use these quotes by scrawling them on your notebook, surrounding your study area at home with them or keeping them stored on your mobile device for quick inspiration when you need it most.


  • When someone tells you that you can’t, don’t argue with that person. Simply put your head down, push harder and show that person that you can.
  • The only way to stand out from the crowd is to be true to yourself.
  • Even the stars in the sky had to start somewhere. Start your journey today and soon you’ll be shining brightly.
  • More people will cheer for your success than will be jealous of it.
  • Push harder than you’ve ever pushed before and you’ll break through barriers you never thought you could.

Keep Trying

  • When you feel like crying, just keep trying, and soon you’ll be flying above the clouds.
  • You never know when the next attempt will be the successful one.
  • When you hit a wall, continue to stand tall. You’ll only fall when you curl up in a ball.
  • Your only option is to get up and keep trying.
  • When you feel like quitting, remember how far you’ve come and look forward instead of behind.

School Days

  • Never be afraid to ask questions for that is how one truly learns the finer details.
  • Observe more than you speak, experiment more than you write, teach others what you learn.
  • Stay calm and sharpen your number two pencil.
  • There’s nothing a good book can’t solve for you.
  • Only when you stop learning will you stop imagining the impossible.

Famous Quotes for Students

Albert Einstein

“Any man who reads too much …”

Albert Einstein was a well known scholar and genius. He was a theoretical physicist born in Germany. He is probably best known for developing the mass-energy equivalence formula of E=mc(2).

This quote offers a common sense reminder that while it is important to read, sometimes learning takes place only when you are doing. A balance of hands-on activities and reading is important to not only learn information but to retain it. You can read the full quote at Brainy Quote.


“Never be afraid to try something new…”

Although it is unknown who originally said this quote, it is a great reminder to not let anyone hold you back from something you really want to do.The quote states that Noah’s ark was built by amateurs, but the ill-fated Titanic was built by professional ship builders. You can do anything, if you’re willing to try.

You can read the full quote at The Quote Yard.

Mark Twain

“The world owes you nothing…”

Mark Twain was the pen name for author Samuel Clemens. He is well known for his books, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the sequel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Twain was a humorist as well and his common sense look at life will help keep your feet on the ground and remind you that while you want to conquer the world, it doesn’t revolve around you.

This particular quote reminds the reader that the world was here before him and it doesn’t owe him anything. It speaks to those who walk around feeling as though they are better than others or entitled to something. You can read the full quote at Wikiquote.

Tony Robbins

“People who succeed have momentum…”

Tony Robbins in an inspirational speaker and life coach. He’s appeared in cameo roles in movies like Shallow Hal. His quotes are ones that people hang around their offices, so that when they see it, they might gain inspiration.

This quote reminds you that you should keep trying, because once you get a taste of success you will want more success. It also serves as a reminder not to give up. It talks about momentum and how success leads to wanting more success. 

However, failure can cause a person to grow despondent and believe they’ll never win.

You can read the full quote at BeHappy.

Eleanor Roosevelt

“No one can make you feel inferior…”

Eleanor Roosevelt was First Lady of the United States when President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in office 1933 to 1945, making her the longest serving First Lady in history (there weren’t term limits at the time). She was known for being particularly outspoken.

This quote is meant to remind you that how you view yourself is more important than how others view you and that you have worth. It was featured in the movie, The Princess Diaries, when the limo driver gives Mia advice about others making her feel inferior. The quote basically states that you’ll only feel inferior if you allow yourself to.

You can read the full quote at Good Reads.

Thomas Edison

“I have not failed…”

Thomas Edison was an American inventor who created products like the electric light bulb and motion pictures. Edison tried multiple experiments and many of them failed, however he never gave up, proving that if you keep trying you will eventually find out what works. 

Of course, sometimes you will first discover many ways that don’t work, but keep trying and eventually it will click for you.

This quote talks about trying 10,000 times before finding success. You can read the full quote at Brainy Quote.

Create Quotes

Although using other people’s quotes can serve as a reminder to keep trying, or that failure is common before success, finding quotes that speak to your life is much more important. When someone in your inner circle says something funny or profound, jot it down and refer to it when needed. 

Scribble some encouraging notes to yourself that speak to your soul, and before you know it, you’ll be inspired both at school and during your other activities.

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